Highland Senior Center Watercolor Classes

Jun 12, 2012


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Watercolor Classes for all levels of experience are being offered by Elaine Cimino at the Highland Senior Center, Albuquerque, NM

Costs: 8 lessons for $75.00 You will keep the supplies. Instructor will supply paper.
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, SASE in center office or Paypal ecimino10(at)gmail(dot)com
Total cost is $100.00. In case of a class cancellation due to illness there will be one
makeup class given that is dependent on facility availability. This class builds on the
other classes offered in this series.
Where: Highland Senior Center
Dates: July 7th to August 25th
Times: Saturday Mornings 10am – until Noon
Other: 8 week class to learn how to paint with watercolors. The classes will
concentrate on painting still-life of fruit, vegetables, flowers and other still
life objects. The goal of the class will be to build a portfolio of your images
that will contribute to a book of poetry, greeting cards and/or a calendar.

July 7th Begins a new session Scan UR Code to Register For Classes or http://borntodraw.wufoo.com/forms/m7x3r3/ The drop down window has class offerings

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