How smart can we get?

Oct 25, 2012



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Watch How Smart Can We Get? on PBS. See more from NOVA scienceNOW.

This is a great series about what it means to be smart. What were the circumstances that grew Einstein’s brain?

Nurture creates nature vs. nature creates nurture. The hypothesis is that playing a musical instrument (the Violin in Einstein’s Case) helps to access intuition.

How creativity and creative thought manifests ways of conceptualizations that can be attributed to problem solving. The actual act of creating art and focus on problem solving allows people to enter the “Zone”

Thus allowing for processes to appear, emerge to the top and to access other intelligences and perhaps intuition itself. Musicians that learn to play an Instrument as a young person developed “bumps” on the brain that may increase intuitive thought.

Growing the brain is important and to keep it in shape mandatory.