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Elaine Cimino Studios LLC

Elaine Cimino features her body of artwork since 1990 and has chosen some of the artwork for giclee prints based on sales, comments and visits from other websites.

Elaine Cimino is an advocate for visual literacy and is working with youth and adults in the schools and community centers teaching them to learn to see their environment and learn to draw. Elaine has created an online art education website www.borntodraw.com that is geared for educators, homeschool parents and adult learner’s with an online art room for posting children’s artwork.

Artist Statement

My artwork has been about a sense of place, flows of nature, about water, what it does, where it goes, how it manifests, and what life would be without it. Place, memory, the artwork is multi-centered, an epoch of simultaneity, juxtaposition, near and far, side-by-side. My artwork has been about landscape and my relationship to it. It is a way of seeing the world.  My personal relationship to place has to do with how my history and relationship with a culture are formed.  The artwork is a memory which defines place.  For me space has become a physical, experimental component where culture and meaning is defined. I see land/earth in a larger view, not so much localized and recognized as picturesque but symbolic in ways which includes detail. It is a deeply embedded understanding of what is sensed and seen.


Elaine Cimino was recognized with a grassroots award from the Communities for Clean Water 2012 for her work on the Espanola Basin Sole Source Aquifer, which is a federal designation of 3,000 square miles of ground water as drinking water status opening the way for federal earmarks and appropriations to help maintain clean drinking water for future generations. Elaine Cimino founded a nonprofit in 1999 and worked on water issues in Northern New Mexico.


  • National Art Education Association
  • International Are Education Association
  • New Mexico Women In Film
  • New Mexico Art League
  • National Watercolor Society
  • Graphic Artist Guild
  • Visual Artist Guild: Delta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Phi Gamma (the National Journalistic Fraternity)
  • Artist Equity Association
  • American Civil Liberties Union: former Board-Member of Santa Fe, NM Chapter 2001-2004

Privacy Policy

Here is a link to a pdf that explains our ECS Privacy Policy for both Elaine Cimino Studios LLC Site and the the Born to Draw Children’s Art Drawing program site.

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