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New pastels from pastel painting classes 2018

Aug 14, 2018



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Elaine Cimino gives art lessons at the North Valley Senior Center through the City of Albuquerque Senior activities program.

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Come and learn the tips for making a successful pastel drawing. Sign up at theĀ front desk of the North Valley SeniorĀ Center, August 3- the 23

Read this! I found it while searching neurobiology considering my connection with plants and trees. A friend in an email today state that there was a documentary about children who feel the pain of trees. I didn’t find that I found this article instead form the Davidson Institute for talent development. Reading comments that were posted I would have to say this explains me and my daughter!!! as well. She now teaches gifted children in Los Angeles and I think I would had have benefited by some of the suggestion presented in this article.

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